• Steel and silver 925 Jewels

  • Casio best technology !

  • Ink Jewels words became.........
  • The only real Disney jewelry with Mickey Mouse in 90th birthday

    Original Disney Jewels with Mickey Mouse

  •  Brand quality in like submarine  watches from Italy

    Brand quality like submarine watches low price for everybody

  • Fedi matrimoniali Unoaerre

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  • We sending with DHL Express
  • For any question write to info@orologioielli.it

  • Who we are:

    Emmerre sas di Ghignatti M. & C.

    Via Montenero 16/a  20135 Milano

    P.I. 10090500157

Ours Brands

Casio - Citizen - Seiko -  Morellato -  Brosway - Ink -Zitto - Quaglia

An e-commerce with a real shop in Milano back since 1979

Cinturini lisci in pelle
Questi cinturini in pelle di vitello lisci e mobidi offrono il miglior rapporto qualità prezzo possibile !
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